Sportswear and equipment: important points

Safe sport consists of a good playground, high-quality equipment, the right clothes and the right technique for performing exercises. Today we will tell you about what kind of workout clothes should be and what kind of sports equipment is.

The necessary qualities of sportswear

The form for training should be different from those items of clothing that we wear for a walk or work. Clothing for physical activity is specially designed: there is a careful selection of materials, shapes, adaptation of the model to a particular sport.

Women’s, men’s, and children’s sportswear and shoes are created with an emphasis on specific activity: running, training on simulators, playing football or basketball. Each sport has its own specifics: somewhere protection from the wind is more important, somewhere – the removal of moisture from the body.

Choose clothes according to climatic conditions and weather! Then you won’t catch a cold and won’t overheat.

The fabric for sportswear should breathe, remove moisture from the body, and not restrict movement. Most often these are modern synthetic materials, as natural fabrics fade and wear out quickly. Increased strength is also needed so that there are no embarrassments: for example, during the Euro 2016 Switzerland-France match, four football players had their jerseys torn at once.

It is important for whom the products are sewn: for amateurs or professionals, because the level of load can be different.

Models for competitions must also have high aesthetic qualities!