Live poker tournaments and competitions: where to find information about events

Poker is an international card game that is becoming more and more popular in many countries of the world every year. Such impressive popularity and its constant growth contributes to the organization of various poker tournaments. It is worth dividing such tournaments into the following main varieties regarding the format of the event:

  • Online tournaments. A fairly new mode that has gained its popularity due to the ability to play from anywhere in the world. This is an ideal opportunity for every poker fan to enjoy the gameplay, having only a laptop or smartphone for this.
  • Live events. A real classic that has not lost its popularity and relevance over the past few decades. Such a format involves the organization of relevant thematic events or events where poker fans gather.

It should be noted right away that almost all current poker tournaments, as well as their dates, are listed on the website at the link above. It is important to understand that using this site, or rather the information posted on it, you can create an up-to-date calendar of tournaments and various poker events. In this article, we will take a closer look at the features of making a calendar for all poker tournaments. 

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Why is live poker so popular in the world

For many people, it remains a mystery why real meetings of poker players have not lost their relevance with the advent of the Internet. In reality, online poker has gained a lot of popularity, but the popularity of the live game has not decreased. Among the main reasons for the popularity of live poker are the following:

  1. Live communication. Live communication with poker fans cannot be replaced by playing in front of the monitor. These are unique emotions that every fan of the game should feel.
  2. Festive atmosphere. Any event of this scale is a real holiday for every poker fan. Such a holiday is accompanied by a pleasant atmosphere of celebration, which only improves the mood of everyone present. 
  3. A sense of excitement. It is impossible even to compare the excitement of a real poker game with a similar online process. 

That is why this format of the game is still popular and extremely relevant. Tournaments, events and festive events are held all over the world, visiting which you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere of excitement.

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Where to find the schedule of live poker tournaments

Surely you are interested in where all the current poker events are collected. It should be noted right away that you can get acquainted with the full list of such events by following the link at the beginning of this article. The site contains only up-to-date information about all popular major tournaments, which will allow you to plan your calendar correctly.