Mandatory components of the site

In order for training sessions and tournaments to take place safely and conveniently for all participants, the site must be equipped with serviceable equipment and inventory. All the requirements for them are fixed in the regulatory documents from the International Football Federation.

It is important that there is an artificial lighting system on the playing field that can guarantee an illumination level of 500 lux. It is difficult to play without good visibility, especially in the evening or in seasons when daylight hours are short and it gets dark early.

Two sturdy benches with a roof designed for reserve players should be […]

Non-standard sports equipment: equipment for skateparks and workout areas

Safe extreme is our way!

The main element of the playground for skateboarding is the frames. This non-standard extreme sports equipment for Belarus is made of profile pipes, we necessarily strengthen the structure with sheet metal, add stiffeners. A strong plywood is superimposed on top, pressed with screws and recessed into metal frames.

No sharp corners: we make sure that all surfaces are cleaned and athletes are not injured. All metal parts are covered with high-quality paint that resists corrosion. Ride on health!

Workout (Workout) and non-standard sports equipment for it

This direction in sports is becoming more and more popular! Why not: you […]

Why it’s worth doing boxing: 5 benefits for the body

Boxing is a contact sport that involves heavy physical exertion, associated with the risk of injury. As well as in any other sport. Martial arts basically imply overcoming difficulties in physical and moral terms. Therefore, if you decide to take up this sport, you should be firmly confident in your intentions.

The benefits of boxing exceed all expectations. The boxer receives excellent physical training, neuropsychological relaxation, acquires the ability to react promptly to any situation. Let’s consider in detail what boxing gives to the human body.

How is boxing useful for the cardiovascular system

For the normal functioning of the heart and blood […]

How many calories does a crossfit workout burn


During a crossfit workout, a large number of calories are burned. These are powerful classes that require a lot of energy. But it is not entirely correct to consider this program only as a way to lose excess weight. After all, the transformation of the body is only an external indicator. By doing this type of fitness, a person also becomes more resilient, develops his basic physical qualities.

How many calories are burned

The number of calories burned in one lesson varies from 500 to 1500 and depends on the intensity, volume and weights used. It is also worth taking into account […]