Mandatory components of the site

In order for training sessions and tournaments to take place safely and conveniently for all participants, the site must be equipped with serviceable equipment and inventory. All the requirements for them are fixed in the regulatory documents from the International Football Federation.

It is important that there is an artificial lighting system on the playing field that can guarantee an illumination level of 500 lux. It is difficult to play without good visibility, especially in the evening or in seasons when daylight hours are short and it gets dark early.

Two sturdy benches with a roof designed for reserve players should be well protected from the sun, rain, wind. Then the players entering the game will not be cold and tortured.

Strong football gates are always present on the field, it is impossible to imagine any game without them.

The most important element of the field

It is near the gate that the most dramatic situations unfold. This equipment should be located in the center of the goal line. The vertical posts are located at the same distance from the corner flagpoles. The distance between them is 7.32 meters, the racks are connected by a horizontal crossbar. The elements must be white and of the same size.

The gate is securely fixed on the ground, the distance from the crossbar to the surface of the field is 2.44 meters. A strong net of cord is fixed on the gate, the outcome of the game may depend on its quality. There must be spare gates and nets on the site!

What should be the sports and technological equipment?

In order for the elements of the site not to fail and properly perform their functions, they must be:

made of high-quality materials resistant to precipitation;

properly installed and well secured;

purchased from a reliable company!